DOWNLOAD: Tan Dollar "Impossible Love" (3:03)

DOWNLOAD: Tan Dollar "Fell Out" (2:50)

DOWNLOAD: Tan Dollar "Headphones" (1:49)

We've just released 3 new mp3s from our upcoming tape "Uneven" on Life's Blood if you follow the MediaFire links above. The cassette will be 8 songs in total and will be available for purchase very soon. Additionally, Lil Chris has stepped from drums and has been replaced by Mike Skehan. We have also added Ilya Sandomirsky on bass. This album is the first release that both of them appear on.

Some totally rad blogs did some write ups about us and the new songs. Check out the write-ups on: No Fear of Pop, Impose Magazine, Theoretically Vinyl, All Everyone United, and No Modest Bear.

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