DOWNLOAD: Tan Dollar "Heaven" (2:12)
We recorded this jam with Paul Rosales/Wonder Wheel. I'm not sure if this song is going to be on any future releases, but enjoy it on it's own for now. Lou over at Salad Fork was kind enough to premier the track for us here.



Track listing:
1. Cloud Nothings - I Am Rooftop
2. Tan Dollar - Asleep Forever
3. Memoryhouse - Radium Girls
4. Phillip Oskar Augustine - River Underside
5. Hard Mix - King of the Stars
6. Dom - Living in America
7. Gobble Gobble - Where is my Mind? (Pixies)
8. Michael Parallax - Head Haunted
9. Easyboy - Things I Shouldn't Know About People I Don't Like
10. Girlfriends - Creep Stuff
11. Emily Reo - Witch Mtn
12. Kites Sail High - Gates Above
13. Quilt - Commodity Spectre
14. The Letter Box Project - Temporary Home
15. Philip Seymour Hoffman - Japanese Gum on my Moccasin Sole (Her Space Holiday)
16. Cop Magnet - Hustlin Daze
17. Golden Girls - Dreams
18. Haunted House - Dark Empty Rooms
19. Free Kisses - Married
20. Coma Cinema - Stoned Alone

White Guys With Beards
, a rad blog by Brian Wood, posted up there newest "WGWB & Friends Compilation" featuring a brand new song by us called "Asleep Forever". All of the artists are totally amazing so I encourage you to download it or pick up a copy on tape. Here is the download link, and here you can find more info about the artists and compilation itself.