Saturday's show at The Smell was real cool! I got to say, Brother Mitya playing in the alley was pretty good. Atleast this one band basically ruining his set by sound checking right in the middle of it had a positive outcome to it. Again, if you want to see rad shows in Los Angeles see what Deseret's Lot's O Crap is putting together.

If you want to get one of the final copies of our tour tape, you can buy it for $5 from the Only for the Open Minded Distro which is run by none other than Magick Orchids.

Here's what they have to say about it:

"Tan Dollar is developing a sound that is entirely their own. Their set-up of two keys and live drums create layers of melodic grooves that captivate you into beautiful noise pop glory and never lets you go until the last note. This is a cassette that they originally released to raise money for their tour. This is good music that you will appreciate having in the years to come. Support the band by getting this now. Limited copies available!"

We also have a few left that we will be selling at shows. Like maybe 2 or 3 copies.

I found this PLAYLIST with one of our songs. Alot of the other songs are pretty cool. Definently an interesting listen.

As of now(subject to change), we have no shows until October 1st at the Tribal Cafe in Echo Park with Zoology and Dash Jacket. Hopefully we'll be working on songs for the new album until then. 4 songs were recorded with Paul last Thursday, two for this digital single we're doing and one for the Friendship Bracelet Vol. 2 Compilation. I'll keep you posted on when those can be obtained, but I'm probably going to post up one of the songs tomorrow or the next day, so check back.

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