Here are six new-ish songs, some you may know already and some you may not. 4 of them are from the tour cassette(almost sold out), and the first 2 tracks are new instrumentals we recorded with Paul a.k.a. Wonder Wheel but haven't released at all. They don't really have titles but may or may not be on an upcoming release.
Tan Dollar - Pink Sky (2009)
1. Newer
2. New
3. Grow-Op
4. Chinese Song
5. The Turning Point
6. Untitled
Recorded by Paul Rosales at Orange Julius in Orange, CA.

If you don't already have this:

Tan Dollar - EP (2009)
1. Trying
2. Alive Today
3. B. Helper
4. Strength
5. Untitled
6. Disconnected
Self recorded at No Ambitions Studios in Tustin, CA.

We're currently writing some new songs, setting up some shows, and early planning stages of a january CA/AZ tour(with Italic Indian!!).

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