Our car overheated in Tucson Saturday, so on Sunday we decided to head back to California instead of going on to Texas. We are bummed about canceling and hopefully we'll be able to make it out there sometime soon. If you live near Denton, TX go see Yellow Crystal Star at the Majestic Dwelling of Doom tonight(7/28) and The Wiggins at Super Happy Fun Land tomorrow(7/29) in Houston, TX. Regaurdless, we had an awesome time in Arizona. Thanks to Daniel and Allison at Bike Saviours and Jake at The HangArt as well as Beck and his roomates in Tucson! There's more people, we didn't forget about you! Here's some pictures we took:

Downtown Phoenix:
The laws are tough in AZ:
Stephen Steinbrink/French Quarter:
Haunted Tapes:
Mas o Menos:
New Friends:
French Quarter/Uggamugga:
Koala Hotel:

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